Tuesday, May 28, 2013

stop !

we keep doing these things ... it's time to stop!
30 Things to stop doing to yourself

This hardly needs introduction. It's a blog by Mark and Angel who Hack Life ...  many good articles to ponder here.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Drs Gabe and Diana Mirkin

i’ve been following Drs. Gabe and Diana Mirkin for a few years now. i am so taken by the way they weave scientific information with down-to-earth facts and create articles that are understandable to me … they make so much sense. they research topics that have real meaning and hold importance for me to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. one of the most admirable things they occasionally do is to go ‘out on a limb’ by saying things like … ‘this may not have scientific proof but all indications are that ….’. they dare make intelligent suppositions and sometimes draw logical conclusions when common sense indicates the correct way to think or correct way to act.
to put it more simply: if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck … it is a duck!

The website

Stay close to nature
Here, a series of articles explains how we evolved to eat the foods we eat. The articles explore and explain why we need food, the components of food: protein, fats, carbohydrates and so on.

Good food guide

Nutritional supplements
Use of nutritional supplements may be harmful say Dr Gabe Mirkin and Diana Mirkin. Fish Oil Pills Associated with Increased Prostate Cancer Risk.

What You Eat Is More Important than How Much You Eat
This article follows a 20 year study From Harvard School of Public Health that shows that telling overweight people to "eat less and exercise more" rarely helps them lose weight. Includes:
o Study surprises
o Foods that caused the most weight gain
o Foods that caused weight loss
o Lifestyle factors

Here is a collection of articles on important food issues, such as ‘How much water do you need’ or ‘How much protein do you need’ and ‘What to feed children’ and many more.

Health Reports
Another invaluable collection of health reports on varied topics of great importance.

Fast Foods Cause Diabetes, Heart Attacks and Premature Death

White Rice, like Flour, Increases Risk for Diabetes

Habits That Prevent Heart Attacks Also Prevent Cancers

The Good Food Book
You'll find lots of recipes and helpful tips here

Intermittent fasting
Apparently very good for you