Sunday, March 30, 2014


this is it folks … THE big word
in the kitchen of our South African home, we had a notice up on the wall:

love was not put in your heart to stay
love is not love until it’s given away

we have to love … love each other, love ourselves, love creation, love our planet
send love to people we find difficulty with, love animals, love this day, love the food we are eating, love beer, not just love but show love to the people near and dear to us, love the stars and planets, love that beautiful flower, hug and love the tree that we pass by, love the warmth of the sun.

the more love I give out the more I seem to have
there is a never-ending source of love in me … or so it seems

Reggie Ray in his lecture of Buddhist Tantra, quotes a study, where terminally ill patients were interviewed. They were asked the question 'Is there anything you regret in life?'
Ninety percent answered 'I wish I had been loved more' and ten percent answered 'I wish I had loved more'.
It is a pretty telling study, don't you think?